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Task management that comes with a project manager

Like a seasoned captain navigating through the choppy seas of project management, you’re on the lookout for a tool that doesn’t just promise, but delivers.

Enter Scrumly. This platform claims to streamline your processes, making task assignments as easy as pie, and ensuring your team moves in harmony towards your goals.

But is it all it’s cracked up to be? We’re about to embark on a journey of discovery, evaluating the good, the bad, and the surprising features of Scrumly.

Stay tuned as we uncover whether this could be the game-changer you’ve been seeking.

Key Takeaways

  • Scrumly is a Scrum-based project management tool that simplifies task creation and allocation.
  • It has a powerful dashboard for seamless project management and progress tracking.
  • Scrumly promotes team collaboration through its community-driven platform and fosters effective communication and information sharing.
  • It is suitable for teams adopting an agile project management approach, managing multiple projects, and aiming to enhance workflow and improve communication.

Scrumly Overview

At the heart of Scrumly, a Scrum-based project management tool, lies a powerful dashboard that allows for seamless project management and progress tracking. You’ll find it easy to navigate, designed with the agile team in mind. With this dashboard, you can effortlessly move tasks between sprints, enhancing your project’s flexibility.

You’ll appreciate how Scrumly simplifies task creation and allocation. It’s not just about assigning tasks; it’s about ensuring everyone’s on the same page. Deadlines are easily met as the team works together towards common goals.

Scrumly’s not just about planning and project management, though. It also fosters community within your team. Its platform is community-driven, with product descriptions and discussions that promote user engagement. This feature fosters a sense of belonging and cooperation among team members which is invaluable in any project.

Moreover, you’ll find that Scrumly’s ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously invaluable. Improved communication and streamlined workflow are just some of the benefits you’ll experience.

Scrumly 1.0 boasts features such as SCRUM/Planning Poker with video chat, integration with Jira, Github, and Gitlab. These features facilitate seamless task allocation, making Scrumly an even more powerful tool in your project management arsenal.

In essence, Scrumly brings a level of sophistication and ease to project management that you’ll find liberating. Its user-friendly interface, combined with its powerful features, contributes to increased productivity and improved efficiency. With Scrumly, you’re not just managing a project; you’re leading a team towards success.

Scrumly Key Features

Building on the robust overview of Scrumly, let’s now explore the key features that set this project management tool apart, providing you with the means to optimize your project workflow and team collaboration.

At the heart of Scrumly’s feature set is the agile planning system. This system allows you to create, manage, and prioritize tasks in a highly visual and intuitive way. Scrumly’s agile planning tool is designed to streamline your project management process, ensuring you and your team stay focused and productive.

One of the standout features that Scrumly offers is its innovative planning poker with video chat. This feature integrates the classic agile estimating method of planning poker with the convenience of video chat, enabling your team to discuss and estimate tasks efficiently, even when working remotely. This integration not only enhances team collaboration but also adds a layer of engagement and interaction that can be missing in many remote work setups.

Scrumly also excels at fostering team collaboration. It provides a community-driven platform that enables effective communication and information sharing. The tool’s dashboard offers a clear view of project progress, making it easier for everyone in the team to stay updated and aligned.

Scrumly Pros And Cons

Let’s now assess the pros and cons of Scrumly to help you make an informed decision.

As with any software, understanding its strengths and potential drawbacks is crucial before implementation.

We’ll discuss how its intuitive task management and collaboration features measure up against some initial layout confusion and challenges with the Scrum process.


Diving into the pros of Scrumly, you’ll find a project management tool that simplifies task tracking and fosters team communication with its variety of features. As an integral part of an agile project, it’s akin to a poker game where each team member has a pivotal role to play.

Scrumly’s intuitive interface is user-friendly, making getting started a breeze. It ensures everyone is on the same page, streamlining project management and promoting efficiency.

Seamless collaboration is facilitated, encouraging team members to work together effectively. Communication is enhanced, updates are shared efficiently, and team productivity increases.

In essence, Scrumly brings tangible benefits, improving project visibility and optimizing workflow, thus paving the way for superior team performance.


While Scrumly certainly shines in several areas, it’s important to note a few drawbacks that might make it less than ideal for some teams and projects.

Initially, you might find Scrumly’s layout a bit confusing. Although it offers a free online version, it’s not as intuitive as you might expect, requiring a learning curve to master.

Implementing the Scrum process through Scrumly can be challenging for some teams, potentially leading to inefficiencies. It takes time to develop an effective Scrumly-based workflow, which mightn’t suit teams seeking immediate results.

Plus, as Scrumly follows a specific Scrum flavor, it may not align with every team’s needs. Remember, while Scrumly has its merits, it may not be the best fit for all project management scenarios.

Who Is Scrumly Best Suited For?

If you’re part of a team looking to adopt an agile project management approach, particularly the Scrum framework, Scrumly could be an excellent tool for you. Whether you’re managing multiple projects or seeking to improve overall project visibility, Scrumly’s streamlined systems and intuitive interface can help you monitor and track progress like never before.

You may wonder why Scrumly stands out. Well, it’s designed to simplify task tracking and team communication, enhancing collaboration and productivity. If your team is constantly juggling tasks and deadlines, Scrumly is a perfect fit. Its user-friendly task-tracking system ensures everyone stays in sync, and deadlines are met without a hitch.

Scrumly is also a boon for teams aiming to enhance their workflow and improve communication. It facilitates seamless collaboration, enabling efficient sharing of updates and quick resolution of issues. This means you spend less time sorting out misunderstandings and more time getting work done.

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of Scrumly is its adaptability. It’s suitable for any project where work can be done in small batches. This allows for early delivery of value and adaptability to changing requirements. So, if your team values freedom and flexibility, Scrumly could be the solution you’ve been seeking.

In short, Scrumly isn’t just a tool, but a catalyst for enhanced productivity and improved team performance. So, if your team is ready to take project management to the next level, Scrumly could be the perfect fit.

How Does Scrumly Work? A Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Now that we’ve established who can benefit from Scrumly, let’s take a detailed look at how this powerful tool actually operates in a step-by-step walkthrough.

Scrumly starts with a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage your projects and track their progress. It’s your control center, giving you an overview of all tasks and their current status.

To create a task, you simply click on the ‘Add Task’ button. You’re then prompted to enter the task’s details, including its name, description, assignee, and deadline. It’s all very intuitive, and you can easily assign tasks to team members and set deadlines to ensure everyone is on the same page.

You’ll love Scrumly’s flexibility when it comes to managing tasks. Tasks can be easily moved between sprints, allowing you to adapt to changes and maintain a smooth workflow in your project management. This gives you the freedom to modify your project’s direction as needed without causing confusion or delays.

Scrumly also facilitates seamless collaboration. With integrated chat and notifications, team members can communicate effectively, share updates, and stay informed about project progress. This encourages transparency, accountability, and ultimately, a more cohesive team.

Scrumly’s integration with platforms like Jira, Github, and Gitlab makes it even more efficient. You can estimate story points or complexity and sync it to the issue, keeping everything consolidated in one place.

Scrumly Review Conclusion – Should You Use It?

Considering Scrumly’s intuitive task-tracking system, seamless collaboration features, and integration with platforms like Jira, Github, and Gitlab, it’s hard to deny that it offers a comprehensive solution for project management. Users have reported improved communication, task allocation, and overall workflow, painting a promising picture of Scrumly’s potential. It’s clear that Scrumly isn’t just a tool but a catalyst in enhancing productivity and efficiency in project management.

Furthermore, the recent launch of Scrumly 1.0 solidifies its standing in the market. The addition of planning poker with video chat, coupled with expert insights to enhance user experience, indicates Scrumly’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of agile teams. Although it’s a new entrant in the market, it’s clear that Scrumly isn’t just about keeping up with the competition but setting new standards in project management.

Moreover, Scrumly offers a cost-effective pricing model, currently offering an 80% lifetime discount, a deal that’s hard to ignore. This makes Scrumly a value-for-money option that doesn’t compromise on quality and features.

Scrumly Review | Task Management Tool
Scrumly Review | Task Management Tool
$29 $144
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